A collection of resources for Design Engineers

How can we keep designers and developers aligned?

We asked designers at our Config 2023 London Watch Party how they like to work with developers. Find out how closer alignment could impact the product development process.

Animations on the Web

A course that teaches you how to craft animations that make people feel something.

SwiftUI for Designers

If it's possible to build, it's possible to prototype.

Full Stack Whatever

Conversations about the work behind the work

Code & Pixels

A podcast about turning pixels into code.

Design Technologist Club

A free space for anyone who works in or has an interest in everything between design and coding.

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Design engineering deep dive - Vercel’s Glenn Hitchcock & John Pham (Dive Club S5 | E8)

Over the last few months, design engineering has by far been the #1 most requested topic. So I wanted to get the inside scoop from the team at Vercel to learn more. The goal of this conversation is to help people understand the role that design engineers play and to outline a path you can take to develop some of these skills. We talk about:

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What is Design Engineering?

Majority of those I look up to are design engineers. I call them “unicorns.” The hybrid designer/designer who can kern type and sort functions. The people who can turn their ideas to life.

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The Rise of Design Engineer and the Future of Roles in UX

Discover the rise of design engineering and the future roles in UX in this video. Learn about the exciting opportunities in the field of design engineering and how it is shaping the future of user experience. We will delve into the history of how the roles shaped to date, but also will zoom out into the far future to anticipate bigger changes and factors.

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Dev By Design: Translating Between Designers and Developers with Karl Koch

In this video, Kathryn welcomes the awesome Karl Koch, Product Design Lead at Moneybox, to chat about the designer-developer handoff, share good practices for translation between devs and designers!

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Designing the latest generation of Uber Navigation: maps built for ridesharing

The Uber platform currently powers more than 7 billion trips every year. When we launched Uber Navigation, the world’s first navigation system designed for ridesharing, in 2017, the platform was handling 4 billion trips annually.

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Design Engineering

In software, engineering and design are infantile in existence compared to other sectors: mechanical, electrical, aerospace, and environmental engineering.

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Should engineers design?

Designers design, and engineers build. This is the current state of things in the world. But is this the ideal state? Can engineers do more than just build? In this talk, Chester questions the status quo and shares his philosophy on engineering.

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The Attributes of a Design Engineer

My definition of design engineering after building the practice at DoorDash.

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Why Have Design Technologists?

A design technologist can move between the design and engineering worlds seamlessly. They can change their shape and blend in depending on the environment, and therein lies their power: they are powerful advocates for holistic thinking. They are the first point of contact for engineers because of their eye for design. They are the first point of contact for designers because of their ability to confirm feasibility and prototype rapidly.

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Evolving systems with data and heart

At Uber, we've curated our design system from rudimentary components to a comprehensive cross-platform solution with vast weekly Figma engagement, whilst managing the dynamic tension between designers, developers and data interpretation. In this session, we'll demystify the journey of maturing our design system, demonstrating how AI tooling can aid in the process, and guiding your team to balance empirical data with passion for effective scaling.

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Inside The Minds: Life as a Design Technologist

Three Design Engineers/Design Technologists gets together on a Figma webinar to discuss the role and their experiences.

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First year at PicCollage as a design engineer

Hi 👋 I'm Lichin, I joined PicCollage one year ago as a design engineer. Design engineer, or UX engineer, is a relatively new role in Taiwan, so it can be challenging to introduce or explain this role to folks who ask about it. I’ve written this as an attempt to describe what a Design Engineer is and does, but also introduce some projects that I've been part of over the past year.

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No Need for Bridges: How Design Technologists dissolve design & engineering gap

Design Technologists, possessing expertise in design best practices and scalable components creation with accessible APIs, could potentially eliminate the 'design and engineering gap' instead of merely bridging it. Delving into Design Technology, we'll explore how this role promotes robust teams, strengthens organization connections, and transcends traditional titles with its mindset.

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UX Engineer, a terminal career

In my teens, I was involved in many extra-curricular activities in high school. I was president of the art club for all 4 years and lead for the school's robotics team. While I wasn't officially part of the class counsel, due to my volunteer work especially with the homecoming floats, I was given a new title by my peers over 20 years ago; Design Engineer.

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Design Engineering Writing and Resources

This is a short list of articles, books, blog posts and other resources about the practice of design engineering.

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Building a drawer component

Using Apple's Sheet component on iOS feels natural, I wanted to create the same experience, but for the web. That's how Vaul was born. In this article, I'll talk about the build process and the challenges I faced. This library is not finished yet, I'll be adding more of my notes here as the component matures.

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Why A Design Engineer Career Is An Investment In Your Future

Emil Widlund's journey from a freelance designer to a UX Engineer at EA showcases his transition through self-taught coding skills, driven by curiosity and a desire to improve design-to-development workflows. His work, particularly in integrating React into game development and pioneering with design systems, highlights the value of blending design intuition with technical proficiency in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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How Should Designers Code?

Practical paths toward shipping to production

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Design Technologists, Again

We had such good traction on one of our first episodes, we decided to bring on another friend of the program, Donnie D'Amato to talk about design technologists, where they should sit in the org, and how we can use them as designers to be our best helping hand.

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Why Google Needs UX Engineers

User Experience Engineers are creative all-rounders who bridge the divide between engineering and design

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It's better when we design together

In this talk, Lichin will share five stories about designing together on different scales, from a group of product designers at PicCollage, the local Figma community, to a classroom with 50 students.