Welcome to d×e, an innovative platform exclusively designed for Design Engineers. We believe wholeheartedly that Design Engineering is more than just animation. Whilst animations on X/Twitter will always draw the most reactions, Design Engineers' value spreads well beyond this when deployed effectively in the right organisations.

We aim to help this spread by providing a space for learning, discovery, expert insights, and skill demonstration.

Our Mission

In today's landscape, the Design Engineer's role is often ambiguous, with inconsistent responsibilities and a vague chain of command. This inherently diverse role can often cause difficulties in gaining access to the crossroads between product design and frontend engineering.

Our ambition is to elevate the "Design Engineer" role to the same level of prevalence as a "Product Designer" or "Frontend Engineer". We believe that the bridging function provided by this role is crucial to breaking down the silos between two usually isolated, but ideally aligned, organisations.

Our platform is crafted to cater to anyone from pre-career college students all the way to staff-level ICs, providing them with necessary skills and knowledge to step confidently into their first or next role as a Design Engineer.